20 September 2010

30,0000 Hits

In the last hour, the Man Cave has clicked over 30,000 hits since it was established Jan last year!

Thanks for all your support, comments and interest as my attention wonders from WWW2 to Space Hulk to brewing beer and finally general silliness.  And of course special thanks go to Comrade James and Obsert Owen for their submissions - after all this is about their gaming as much as mine usually!


  1. My pleasure Comrade, and thanks for the forum and opportuunity to post my gaming articles :) Which reminds me..its been a while!!

  2. Hi Tas,

    30K is a tribute to most wargamers obsession with figures, new projects, historical silliness and above all, beer!

    Very well done to all and long may the insanity continue!!



  3. Maaaaate, a fine accomplishment!
    I think I've contributed a fair chunk but 30K is outstanding!!

    30K? Hmmm, a game title in the making?