24 September 2010


This weekend, its time for...


Primary Objective: Destroy the Cryo-tubes in the compartment at the centre of the mission area.

Secondary Objective: Destroy the Alien threat.

Overall Winner will be whoever achieves the Primary Objective or if not, whoever attains the greatest number of kills.   The Cryo-tubes can be destroyed by being flamed or destroyed as per an attack against a door.

Marine Forces

Each player will command a Space Marine Terminator squad, comprising one of:

- Sergeant with Power Sword, a Heavy Flamer marine, and 3 Storm Bolter marines; OR

- Sergeant with Power Sword, a Lightning Claws marine, an Assault Cannon Marine and 2 Storm Bolter marines

Optional: a Thunder Hammer & Shield marine can replace any storm bolter or Lightning Claw marine

Each Marine squad will enter the board at a separate area.

Command points will be represented by each Marine player rolling a D6 at the beginning of their turn and placing it front of them.  Additional Command points may be allocated by the Company Commander onboard the Chapter’s Battle Barge.

Each Marine player must complete all actions within a time limit of 3 mins.


Our Brother-Librarians have detected a vast horde inside the hulk, though they are not yet fully awakened.

The genestealers will receive 2 reinforcement blips per SM Player, per turn, maybe more….

Ready your weapons Brothers!


Random Events

At the start of each Genestealer turn, roll d4, on a 4 a random event occurs.
(if not enough game tension is evident, the result is always a 4!)

d6 result
Random Event
Command Direction: The Space Marine Captain gives additional support from the Battle Barge – each Marine player gains an additional d4 Command Points in their next turn.
Obstruction: A randomly selected player may place a crate tile in a location of their choice.  May be placed to block a corridor.  Crates may be destroyed like doors.
Inhuman Speed: All Genestealers have 7APs this turn only
Power Fluctuation: d6 even- all doors open; odd – all close
The Foe Awakens: Genestealers gain 2 additional blips this turn.
Reinforcements! Marine Player within least number of marines has a replacement Marine (Storm Bolter and Power Fist) teleport in as a reinforcement.  Must be placed 6-10 squares away from other Marines in the squad (if squad wiped out, place in entry point).  If all Marine squads are at full strength then no effect.

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  1. Sounds like a blast! May have to pull out my nids and stealers and Deathwing and give this a go!