29 July 2010

More Spearpoint 1943 goodies

More updates from Collns Epic Wargames - thanks guys!:

New - Spearpoint 1943 Quick Reference Cards by d bro
New in the Spearpoint 1943 Downloads Area (also available on the game's Boadgamegeek (BGG) Page under Files), Quick Reference Cards summarize key rules of Spearpoint 1943 for easy reference during games.  BGG user "d bro" created the cards and we were happy to review them and support their creation.  Special thanks to d bro for creating the Quick Reference Cards and allowing us to host the file.  Each sheet is designed to fit inside the existing game box and looks great when laminated!  Download the PDF (Direct Link).

New - Spearpoint 1943 Tuck Boxes by Dustin Boggs

Dustin Boggs recently finished designing Tuck Boxes for each card deck included with Spearpoint 1943.  You may download them, print them out, cut and fold them, and add a great and attractive tuck box for each of the card decks in Spearpoint.  Special thanks to Dustin for creating these great looking boxes.  As with the Quick Reference Cards, the tuck boxes are available in the Spearpoint downloads area or on the BGG Page under Files.  Download the PDF (Direct Link).

Update - Spearpoint 1943 "Situation I" updated to Version 1.1
 Situation I is now Version 1.1.  The updated PDF along with a Change Summary is now available in the Spearpoint downloads area.  The update clarifies the use of "two" German frontlines.  Be sure to use version 1.1 for all future plays of Situation I.  Download the PDF (Direct Link).

Playtest Invitation - New Situation "Man vs. Beast"

A new Situation for Spearpoint 1943 is now undergoing external playtesting.  Man vs. Beast pits an all-infantry (and one AT Gun) US force against a Tiger tank and supporting German Infantry as they enter a partially ruined village.  This challenging situation features intact and ruined buildings, an upcoming map accessory with large flip-tiles representing the buildings/ruins, movement, line of sight, and more.  I'm happy to be working with artist Marc von Martial (All Things Zombie, Lock N' Load, and other titles) on the artwork for the Village Map Supplement, which I'm planning to offer professionally-printed as an optional add-on for this and other Spearpoint 1943 situations.  Please let me know if this add-on sounds interesting to you!  Click here to see Marc's game art portfolio.
I invite you to follow along with the playtest process on Boardgamegeek.  There, you can read the current DRAFT situation, playtest session reports, and more.  You are also welcome to join the external teams testing it and/or comment on the draft.  Session Reports are added as test games are completed, and if necessary, the draft is updated with any changes.  I thought it would be interesting to expose the playtest process I use and to invite all players to comment on the upcoming addition to Spearpoint 1943.  Click here to see the DRAFT situation in its current form.

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