11 March 2009

This Week in Wargaming

Continuing Comrades James's advice on the utility of podcasts while dragging my butt out for exercise, I've discovered "This Week in Wargaming" (TWiW). "Big Troy" runs his show as a news summary and quick roundup of latest hobby events, usually in conjunction with Zac from the Tabletop Gaming News website.

They steer mostly clear of GW issues (as they say, there are plenty of other podcasts out there who alreday cover that subject in great detail) and instead do generic roundups of all genres. The episodes are relatively short - perfectly timed for the 5 klicks around the lake actually!

And Man Cave inhabitants are (in)famous - listen to Episode 25 (3 Mar 09) at the 10:40 mark.

I've added an RSS feeed to TWiW on the right hand side, so you can easily get to the latest episode. Alternatively, go through iTunes or the website here:

The website is neat because he posts links to the topics discussed on the show, so you can see the figs and get more info. And they also finish off with a "Zombie Chaser" segment discussing whats new in Zombie gaming and figs, just the thing e Oberst Owen?

I'm really enjoying TWiW and highly recommend it for everything but your wallet!

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