28 February 2009

Turnerquade II

Oz Gamers will know that Australia's largest gaming convention, CanCon, is held in Canberra every Australia Day holiday long weekend (that's 26 Jan for our foreign friends). In the last couple of years Oberst Owen and Comrade James have come to visit and enjoy CanCon, but until this year we hadn't achieved everyone being here together. This year we did -Huzzah !!! So after a full day at CanCon, we held Turnerquade II in the Man Cave.

Just like Turnerquade last year, the object was to play as many different games in a single day (although we did play a couple of games of AT-43). Here are some highlights:

AT-43, at which Reilly the Apprentice and Oberst Owen did very well....
and Comrade James and I suffered numerous misfortunes...

Memoir 44, which we used the new Middle East British Expansion to insert Aussies into a Pacific Scenario. We played the scenario to conclusion, then switched sides.

Comrade James is a little dissappointed with the performance of his Imperial Japanese force here!

Zombies!!! I'd had this some some time, but hadn't even broken the shrink wrapping. What a great game with 4 players!
Game Start. No, thats not the Lad's beer...

A game with 2 distinct halves; after a very cooperative initial half, after the Helipad was the very last tile placed then the knives came out...

Amusingly, the big boys were so busy stabbing one another in the back, the cunning apprentice slipped came through to claim Victory; Well done boy!

We also played Down In Flames WW1, which Comrade James had picked up at CanCon the day before. He took a pair of Albatross DVs with Owen taking a trio of Halb CIIs, with Reilly taking a pair of Sopwith Cames ("Just liek Biggles" he told me) while I took a pair of my favourite SE5s. The villanous Huns were dispatched without Allied loss.
Here Biggles shows Comrade James that the WW1 version also includes a "Fuel Tank Hit - aircraft destroyed" result!
And finally, after Reilly went to bed, we had another game of AT-43, this time a UNA/RedBlk Human team vs Therios in the Landing Scenario. We didnt balance the forces well but it was a very good learning game (BTW Halo and Aliens soundtracks make excellent AT-43 background music!)

Planning continues for Turnerquade III in June/July, with a special trophy in development too!


  1. Well, I got the wooden spoon award for losing EVERY game I played, but loved every minute of it, great fun all round! Thanks fellers!

  2. Wonderful event! I've always imagined doing something like that at my home. Except all the games I have would necessitate a whole weekend!

    Thanks for the comments on the show, a new episode should be up soon and I was still considering what to do so I will put the review on the list.

  3. Thats one of the problems Deano, choosing which games to play - too many and its rushed. The problem is never WHAT to play, is what misses out.

    Having repeat events allows us to cycle through some different ones though!

    Thanks for dropping by!