10 February 2009

AT-43: 800pt Starter Army lists

I found this very useful article at the "AT-43 Addict blog" (link above).
I've copied it here for ease of reference, but its all from that site - thanks!

So you’re thinking of getting into at-43 but don’t want to shell out for a full 2000+ point army? Here are some good places to start if you’re looking at getting into the game. Each of these armies will give you an AFV, a type 1 unit and a battle suit to give you a flavour of each of the unit types. Best of all none of the units will go un used as they are all staples of each army.

1 Fire toad
1 steel trooper unit box
1 steel trooper attachment
1 unit of Steel TacArms

1 Kaptar unit box
1 Wendigo unit box / k-shooter unit box
1 easy trike

Red Blok
Krasnye unit box + attachment Box / RPG Soldaty unit box + attachment box
Dragomirov Kolossus box

Storm Golem unit box
Bane Goliath unit box

As you can see each of these lists will come out to around 825 points give or take. you will get a feel for how the army will play and will find that all these units will be useful. Each of these armies are from their basic troop pattern so there are no extra rules to complicate matters. From here it is easy to branch out after you get a feel for how the army will play.

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