08 February 2009

Bases for AT-43

These are Lt Nevsky's (of the AT-43 forums) repaints of his UNA force. You can see more here: http://en-forum.at-43.com/viewtopic.php?t=5753&sid=be14371503ecf8a9b2518e60e54eb25c In particular, he has rebased his figs and I like the effect. He says:
It's a small site that specializes in several different ranges of resin bases. The quality has to be seen to be believed! Jeff is very flexible about requests too. I asked him to make custom 30 mm bases for the wasteland set that I use on my UNA infantry, and we are negotiating some 80 mm bases for my type 2 striders! Otherwise, his 40 mm bases are perfect for Type 3 Inf (or ALL the Karman inf ) and his 60 mm are a nice fit for type 1 striders. DO NOT order the 25 mm bases for type 1-2 infantry. Ask for 30 mm bases for the wasteland or brick series. He does not have them posted on his website, but he has molds done to make them.
I'm investigating this with great interest. It appears he used the "Wasteland I" set here:http://dragonforge.com/Painting%20service/for%20sale/base_sets/sci-fi/broken_wasteland.htm
...and in the meantime found some great terrain inspiration at the same website here: http://dragonforge.com/Painting%20service/terrain.htm.

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