12 February 2020

AHPC X: More Beastie Boys

This week sees me complete...you guessed it, some more Beastmen!

12 more delightful chaps who wander the Old World's Drakwald forest looking for wandering tourists to eat help.
Painting note: I was going for a black fur look this time - I used GW Space Wolf Grey contrast paint. It was a bit too thin/light for me so I did a second coat mixed with black ink

Pleasingly, these lads complete my first Beastman Regiment of 46 figs - all of which have been painted under various AHPC seasons.

Only another hundred or so to go.  I need to learn to paint at an army standard vice painting all the detail in sight. Very satisfying to see them all en mass though!

Skull-o-meter update: 17 seperate skull trophies adorn the fellows of this new contingent, taking my AHPC 10 skull tally up to 84.

Thats 12 x 28mm figs for 60 points plus I was awarded 2 bonus point for the hand painted banner

And now I am preparing to ascend the Snow Lord's peak: