16 February 2020

A Frenzy of Kill Team

Checking out the Kill Team action at CanCon
Been a bit of gaming at the new Man Cave in the last month - most of it Kill Team related. Reilly has added to his AdMech force, as well as painting and blooding his new Necrons. James brought along his Orks and new club mates have also been playing with Space Marines and Eldar.  Along the way I've had a chance to snap some thematic action shots, which I thought I would share here.
Chaos chaps consider the landscaping opportunities before them

Reilly's new Necrons - I really like his orange colour palette, rather than the usual green one

Extra big Kill Team with Comrade James - its called 40k or something. It was Rogue Trader last time I played it
Possessed Traitor Marines play King of the Hill with James' Orcs 

Adam's Eldar join the fray!

Very nicely painted models!

Which didn't save them from Chaos Berzerker fury!
Patch's lovely Space Wolves in action

The Necron War Glaive carrying Lychguard are brutal if they get up close!


  1. Great to see the Man Cave in full swing and some cracking photographs as well Paul.

    1. I'm usually getting my butt handed to me, so I'm all about finding the cool photo in lieu of finding Victory! :-)

  2. I detest the rules, but those models look great. Reilly's painting is top notch now.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Barks - come join us for a game with your Pinkstone Fortress chaps!