26 August 2018

Frostgrave Goblin Warband

A Goblin warband in Frostgrave? Yes indeed! Exploring the frozen city is no longer a pastime for the Humans only club!  Presenting my Goblin warband, based around the tribe Shaman and his apprentice.

I've used the lovely Oathmark Goblins for this warband, a combination of the excellent plastics and some of the metal character figures.
The Shaman and his apprentice - used as Witches in Frostgrave
Probably my favourite fig: the Captain!
Really pleased with how his fur coat came out too.
I built a few extra figures along the way, to allow for some different mixes of henchmen

Fodder: Thugs and archers - good for lugging treasure around!
 I'm very pleased with the way the colours worked, having gone with something a bit different. The Browny green skin kept them a bit lighter, and the red, grey, and white contrasts on the figure work -for me anyway!
The Orc Templar with his nasty big chopper!
Orc Man-at-Arms, ready for action!
So back into the frozen city they go this week, destined to be slaughtered now that they are fully painted!