26 August 2018

Frostgrave Goblin Warband

A Goblin warband in Frostgrave? Yes indeed! Exploring the frozen city is no longer a pastime for the Humans only club!  Presenting my Goblin warband, based around the tribe Shaman and his apprentice.

I've used the lovely Oathmark Goblins for this warband, a combination of the excellent plastics and some of the metal character figures.
The Shaman and his apprentice - used as Witches in Frostgrave
Probably my favourite fig: the Captain!
Really pleased with how his fur coat came out too.
I built a few extra figures along the way, to allow for some different mixes of henchmen

Fodder: Thugs and archers - good for lugging treasure around!
 I'm very pleased with the way the colours worked, having gone with something a bit different. The Browny green skin kept them a bit lighter, and the red, grey, and white contrasts on the figure work -for me anyway!
The Orc Templar with his nasty big chopper!
Orc Man-at-Arms, ready for action!
So back into the frozen city they go this week, destined to be slaughtered now that they are fully painted!


  1. No doubt they are scary !
    We like the frozen bases !
    Bravo 😁

  2. And why not too! Nice paintjob.

  3. Cracking stuff! Love the skin tones and also the red palette.

    1. Thanks mate! Given me the bug to try some Dragon Rampant units in these colours next

  4. Very nice colours and skin tones!

  5. The bases look terrific and really themes them well for Frostgrave :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks - they are funs sculpts and easy to put together

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