09 January 2017

Painting Challenge Week 3: Woodland Indians

The Christmas tree has been packed away, our guests have departed and the paint pots are finally open! It’s taken awhile, but I finally have something to share for the new year - my first entry in the years's Analogue Hobby Painting Challenge.

This is a small six man unit of Woodland Indians and with all that war paint they are clearly looking to blood their Tomahawks! (a sod to paint but it gives a great effect).  They will join two Ranger units that I finished last year (see here: Colonial Rangers for FIW) to complete my initial British FIW force.  These Mohawk Allies were a lot of fun to paint and I’ll be adding more to them in the future as Alan and I set off to progress a small campaign using Sharpe Practice 2 this year.  I'll need some British Regular Line Infantry too I imagine...

Figs are from the Northstar "British Wilderness Force” boxed set and this entry at the AHPC VII blog can be found here:

This modest entry gets me off the mark at last - 33 points (with some kind bonus points for the warpaint) - but I need to get my skates on to meet my mark of 850 points (with 1000 points being a hopeful aspiration!).  Next up is the Bonus Round: Armour, which I did something a bit different for :-)


  1. Those Northstar models look great and you painted them very nicely. They have that characteristic chunkiness that Northstar stuff does (Salah/Copplestone style) that bleeds character and squeezes in extra detail other figures don't have. In the latter category I'd lump my unpainted woodland indians from WGF; Nice enough models but weedy and boring. If I ever got into the period I think I would have to get Bob Murch's sculpts; He does Huron and Iroquois warriors that are beautiful and have a similar weightiness to your Northstar figs. All this Northstar talk reminds me I have to get cracking on Frostgrave and Rogue Stars.

    1. Thanks mate! Yes, Bob's sculpts for the "Flint and Feather" range are indeed excellent. I wish he did a few blisters of later indians with firearms too though!

      Just grabbed some Warlord Iroquois figs so will look forward to comparing them side by side in due course