17 November 2016

Family Saga gangup!

The happy Viking about to unleash hell upon his foes!
Last night the Man Cave boys threw down to play some Father and Son 2v2 SAGA action at the games club!

In my first game for 2 or so years, I played Anglo-Danes while my ally Reilly Paulsson commanded a Viking horde in his second game ever.  Together we took on two massed Welsh warbands in the Clash of the Warlords scenario.

One of my lone surviving Hearthguard taunts the enemy levy after his unit wiped out a unit of those pesky Welsh ponies
Welsh can be really hard to get to grips with - so I took 3 Hearthguard (1 with Dane Axes) and 2 Units of Warriors (thanks for the loan Aled).  Reilly Paulsson took 2 Hearthguard (1 as Berzerkers), 2 Warriors and a unit of Levy to give him some long range missile fire, all kindly loaned by the Dux.
 2 v 2 Action on the cigar battlefield mat
We advanced directly against our foes.  I started grinding the welsh in front of me, making maximum advantage of the Ango-Danes' ability to inflict fatigue on the enemy and then take advantage of it.  Reilly sagely kept his distance from the trees in which his Welsh opponent was hiding, preventing them from ambushing him with their javelin attacks.
Reilly's boar snout formation
Taking advantage of the church which divided the field, Reilly slid his army laterally so we could focus on the Welsh in front of me.   He took some casualties as his opponent pressed his left flank but I managed to clear a path into which he unleashed his intact Berzerker unit onto the enemy Warlord in front on me.
The tension mounting...
...as the Welsh begin to crumble as the numbers against them start to tell
Focusing his SAGA dice into a range of death dealing melee effects, Reilly Paulsson unleashed a massive 21 attack dice (re-rolling misses) to annihilate the enemy .  And with that the Man Cave boys claimed Victory on the field of battle - Odin be praised!
My hearth guard clear the way for Reilly to fight the decisive engagement
Reilly's Bezerkers swarm onto the enemy Warlord and dispatch him to Valhalla!
A fun and enjoyable game - I had forgotten how much I enjoy SAGA.  And the lad was most interested when he heard of the impending Arthurian expansion - I think I'll be painting up at least two armies for that now - Sub Roman Brits for the lad, perhaps Picts for me

And so to the spoils of Victory - my Freyja delivered this Beer Advent calendar to celebrate the impending Christian festival. Excellent!


  1. Cracking fun and now desperately want one of those Advent calendars!

    1. Show up in my Man Cave for a game and I'll give you one Michael :-)

  2. So good when you get to play games with the kids, mind you keep 'em away from the calendar for a while.

    1. Good idea Chris - "Bring me a calendar" will be the new codeword...

  3. Great stuff there Paul! Love the advent calendar too!