14 March 2016

Making 1:1 Scale Camouflage

Normally I detest the large scale 1:1 painting and modelling projects.  You know the sort: Bathrooms, bedrooms, etc -  yuk.  And so difficult to wash and dry brush too.  But despite my utter lack of time and need to get something done for the painting challenge, I diverted to help the Lad make a ghille suit (known in Oz as a yowie suit) for his upcoming cadet camp

A couple of sets of camps (this is the Australian pattern known as AusCam), a hot glue gun, a day and a half, and several burns later it was time to try it out:
The deadly Park Warrior in action!

So some good man time together and a happy lad at the end of the day.  But no models.
But if you get 5points for a 28mm figure,  what is a 1.7m figure worth? :-)


  1. Excellent, looks like it worked too, really camouflaged

  2. Had to look twice at most of the pics. Well done!

  3. That's an awesome project. I didn't get to do anything like that until I grew up.

  4. Very effective - hard to see him in a few of the pictures

    Now paint the ships!