28 March 2016

Good Friday Gaming

To kick the Easter holidays off properly, John hosted a club game at Chateau Slowp8tr.  We played a 2 v 2 game of Cain of Command, using Dux's very nice Brits and Dave's lovely and just finished early war French (which we played a Vichy).  I really loved the sculpts of the Moroccan troops.
Dave's great Moroccan Section
I was the only one who had played before (and my last game was 2 years ago) so I rediscovered the trait of this great game - its darn hard to play without a teacher.  I did have to 'phone a friend' with some questions (thanks Comrade James!) but in the end we struggled through.  Despite this foible, it really is a great game.

Dux's Britsh deploy forward and try to dominate the centre of the battle area 
Only to have the Moroccans deploy along the road (and behind cover) to lay down a murderous fire upon them
In response, Dux deployed a Vickers MMG team with enfilading fire down the road, negating all cover.  It got a bit nasty for the Moroccans (who held steady it must be said) but then a supporting French Squad brought the Vickers team under fire with these results. Five 6s = 5 dead, from a 5 man team.  Nasty!

So the French beat the British, proving once and for all that wine and cheese is superior to tea and tiffin, and uncharacteristically Dave's newly painted army was not utterly destroyed in the usual adage that he who is painted last dies most prolifically.  Once again I also showed that I seem only to be able to beat Dux with help, though he maintains that I did not beat him - my partner did...

I enjoyed playing with an unfamiliar army and if CoC takes off at the club I might build myself a new force to play with - something a bit different.  In fact, I'm thinking Bersaglieri and the Italian rules for CoC have some interesting twists: http://toofatlardies.co.uk/blog/?p=2025#  Because I needed a new project...

Thanks for a great night fellahs and for hosting us John!


  1. A great way to spend Easter Paul!

  2. Great dice, are always a killer!

  3. Great looking game and minis

  4. Yes, a great looking game with wonderful figures. Haven't played CoC yet, as I still need to get more Bolt Action games in too.

  5. I do like C of C as a set of rules. Nice to see them being used with early war French as well. The game looks very good. And what a good way to spend a day off!

  6. Thanks everyone - it was a great time!