13 August 2015

A Busy Summer!

Wow, what a busy 6 or 7 weeks its been this summer!  You may have seen from my recent posts that Ive been catching up on reading novels rather than textbooks, which has been nice.

We've visited Seattle, taken a cruise up to Alaska, been whale watching and dog mushing, driven through New York State to see Niagra Falls, drove through Ontario and Quebec in Canada where we visited friends in Ottawa, went white water rafting and zip lining, visited Montreal, drove back through Amish country and the Ariondack mountains.  Got home from that just in time for the Lad and I to go off to a Summer Scout camp on a lake.  Busy times indeed - think I need a rest now!

I managed to hijack the itinerary a little, notably to visit the Canadian War Musuem and the Saratoga Battlefield.  I think my family has gotten off rather lightly in the past year so they indulged me (briefly) with a smile!
The Saratoga Monument

Victory Woods is where the besieged British Army surrendered  after their battlefield defeat

Momument to local militia and soldiers from all wars

The path into Victory Woods, the British position which was besieged and ultimately surrendered


  1. Take the indulgence while you can. Looks interesting alright

  2. Looks like lots of fun taking in the sites and having tours. cheers

  3. Sounds like a very nice (albeit busy) summer!