18 March 2014

CoC: Counterattack at Mouen

Another 2 v 2 battle this week but this time using the Chain of Command rules. Also, as we had just done two British attack games recently, we wanted something a bit different than a frontal assault.

Comrade James swung into his usual routine of whipping up an excellent historical context to get us in the mood: the Counterattack by 1st SS Pz Corps onto British flanks during Operation EPSOM as part of the battles around Caen in late June 44.

At 0600 the Germans began two strong flanking attacks, with the intention of pinching out the British salient. Kampfgruppe Frey on the salient's eastern flank, launched an attack north of the Odon supported by Panzer IVs of the 21st Panzer Division. This reached the villages of Mouen and Tourville but the British counterattacked from the direction of Cheux, resulting in confused heavy fighting throughout the day. Frey's battle group managed to gain control of Mouen; British counterattacks supported by tanks halted any further advance but were unable to retake the village.

We used the Flank attack scenario from CoC.  The Allies would have 2 Regular Infantry Platoons (one of which would be cunningly disguised as my Paras), supported by 2 Churchill MkVII tanks, a Vickers MMG and some barbed wire.  The Germans had a Regular Grenadier Platoon and an SS PzGrenadier Platoon and no doubt the gents would make the most of the opportunity to field a Panzer or two as well...

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