01 September 2012

DreadBall - we're in!

If you've heard about this new Kickstarter project, you wont be surprised to hear that Right Stuff and I are pledged up! If you've not heard of it, DreadBall is a new SciFi sports game by Mantic Games
From what I've read it will be a very different game to Blood Bowl - and teams will have actions points and a maximum of 2 actions per players.  The game doesn't reset after each play either so it sound more like Basketball or Ice Hockey than Rugby/Gridiron that Blood Bowl mimics.  There are four initial teams - Humans, Orx, Forge Fathers (aka Dwarves) and Veer-Men (Skaven/Ratmen) with another four planned for the future.

Now of course that are those who claim this is just a rip-off of BB and to be honest I dont know one way or another.  It sounds different enough to be a great companion game and a change of pace.  Plus the minis are cool so how can you go wrong? But make your own mind up by having a look at the info on the following links

DreadBall Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/dreadball-the-futuristic-sports-game

Official website here: http://www.dreadball.com/

There are some playtester notes by the Frontline Gamer here: http://thefrontlinegamer.blogspot.com/2012/08/i-can-talk-about-dreadball-now.html

and also a review here: http://jonathanpeace.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/review-dreadball-gameplay.html

BTW We are pledged for the Striker! package, which includes all these goodies :-)


  1. ok, so i clicked on the links and all i need is another game to be immersed in. but this looks soooooo cool! great review.

  2. I'm pretty tempted by this too.
    I really wish the human team was more 'Tron' and less 'Space Marine' though- the concept art for the female star stretch goal looks ideal- very Tron-like, I wish all of the humans were like that. The rats don't work for me- they are too much like small rat ogres for my taste, but the orcs & goblins are awesome.

    At the moment I'm just watching & waiting- I'll likely go for the box deal with the humans & orcs, but may spring for the 4 team set, depending on what the extra freebees turn out to be.

    the game-play sounds fun. if they come out with more team choices think they'll have a winner on their hands.

  3. This looks great. I love the fact there are multiple scoring zones with different points depending on there location. I like the four teams so far I hope they do more at some point or perhaps some different variations of them

  4. Very, very curious about this one.
    Like Laughing Ferret mentioned I wish human and rat minis were somehow different (I didn't thought of Tron, but that would certainly be a nice surprise).

    Anyway, taking into account the number of fans W40k has, this might end up being a huge success.

  5. I don't know about this but I'll wait for more first!

  6. Glad to see you've taken the plunge. I hope you and your lad have loads of fun with the game. I've loved play testing it and can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on the finished product.

  7. Been getting the updates and following this kickstarter. Getting close to becoming a fellow striker as well.
    Should be cool.

  8. Looks to be heavily inspired by the old Bitmap Bros Speedball 2 on the Commodore. (an excellent game)

  9. Looks like something mildly original from Mantic - i.e. filling the Bloodbowl niche without being a direct ripoff. Seconding the Speedball comparisons...

  10. Thirding Speedball. As for the Tron paintjob, the humans scuplts look like you could get a similar effect (all be it not the correct shape of head) by painting the sunken black lines the electric blue colour and having the main face a dark grey/black perhaps?

  11. I loved Speedball, but this looks seriously good stuff...