22 August 2012

A few Miscellaneous purchases

Finally managed to get home for the weekend (first time in almost two months) and found all the goodies I ordered before I went away.  These included (in no particular order):

'The Abberation', by Vesper On games
Just loved this mini- great for both Cthulhu/Pulp/Horror games, and also for use as a Beast of Nurgle in Blood Bowl (he is about the size of a Troll fig, maybe a touch larger but not too much).  See what I did there?  Convincing yourself that it two uses = bargain = justified :-)

Axis Gorilla Squad aka "Blutkreuz Korps Kampfaffen Squad" - giant mutated monkeys.  'Nuff said.  Clearly everybody needs some of these! (Note to self: repaint them using the great tips by ferret Labs here)

Cloning Tanks, by WestWind Productions.  Look at the picture - no reasoning required!

Deathwing card expansion by FFG - I love this game as its easily played solo and deosnt take up much space. I've been looking forward to this one for a little while and now have all four expansions.


  1. Wooo lots of Toys! Whats tempting you to start most?

  2. I can always justify minis when able to double dip them (or more) for multiple games & systems! Working on the Apes blood bowl team now, and I decided not to use the blood bowl uniform gear on the gorillas so I can use them in my Empire of the Dead faction as well as Prehistoric pulp game :)

    I love those axis gorillas- so useful for many things!

    those cloning tanks have tempted me before too

  3. Yea, the cloning tanks are sweet and would make nice scenery.

  4. The cloning tanks are pretty cool right enough. All the bits look to be useful though. Good to find toys waiting for you when you get home. Nice.

  5. Hmmm I like the gorillas, the abberation and the cloning tanks. I can see them all being used in several games. I look forward to seeing the progress you make in these.

  6. They look lovely; now if I can just dream up an alternative use for them...

  7. Nice!
    Love those tentacles on the aberration.
    That's the first time I see that mini, and as you said it would fit perfectly a nurgle team. Much better then some shapeless 'blobs' we see out there.

    The cloning tanks... oh, the cloning tanks...
    I've been planing on scratch-building some of those for a lot of time now, and I will, but those look darn good!

    Nice buys!

  8. btw - are those cloning tanks as good as advertised? so curious. can you post a pic?

    1. Would you like out of the box brand new pics? If so, I'll take some when I get home again this weekend.

    2. 'Out of the box' pics would be great! Quite curious about them too.
      (Sorry for 'stealing' the reply!)

  9. The shiny disease in all it's glory!

  10. Death Angel is indeed heaps of fun! Lots of interesting buys :)