14 February 2012

A good start to the Season!

Hi guys, Its "Right Stuff" here and I come to tell you about my first game in the ACT Rookie League.  As you may know it was against a Necro team named Pulp Horror United (see their roster here), coached by Luke who was also kind enough to host us at his place.  They were Greebo figs which are really nice but had as yet only been undercoated.  Having seen Luke's painting skills on other figs these will look awesome when he is finished!

The game started off with the stadium being swamped with Pulp Horror United fans (plus 2 fame) and them electing to receive after winning the toss. Then he caged up and progressed down the field..... but I broke the cage with my Yhetee, picked up the ball and threw it to a waiting catcher who ran in on turn 5. 1 nil to Norse.

The Necros received again and tried to throw to a werewolf but fumbled it (having only 1 re-roll really hurt Luke at times) On turn 8 in response I had cas-ed a ghoul (only badly hurt) then had a catcher pick up the ball in 1 TZ dodged out and ran in with 2 GFI's. Half time and 2 - 0 to me, all going well with a casualty to me as well, or so I thought.

The second half started with me not getting my KOed players back - while the Necromancer was doing a good job patching up the undead KOs.  I received with touchback and in his first turn he got a casualty (a lineman who MNG) by one of his nasty werewolves (#3 Cheli) who then advanced to my ball carrying thrower.  I tried for a quick crazy score by throwing a long bomb to a catcher in the end zone - of course I failed but when I re-rolled a 3 from pass I rolled a one and fumbled it.  Luke decided not to blitz my catcher and surf him, but to just move him in front.  Then he blitzed my ball carrier with a werewolf, picked up the ball on with a wight and started running.  My defenders were down from a flesh golem breaking the protection of the ball carrier and no one could stop him.  Meanwhile, with the catcher about to get surfed I blocked the werewolf and knocked him out. His next turn (turn 5) he runs it in: 2 - 1 still to me, 1 -1 all casualties.

In the next drive I tried a pass with my Thrower but fumbled it again and then got charted by the same werewolf (thrower MNG) but I picked it up with a blitzer and did long pass to a lineman (the catchers were tied up) who caught it and was in a position to score next turn.  But with all my casualities and KOs mounting up I had nobody to protect him.  Next turn the Lineman with the ball got casualized by a zombie (badly hurt) and on the other side of the pitch the werewolf #3 Cheli got another cas - this time killing a lineman (unfortunately it was my Lineman who had done the earlier casualty to him and gotten 2SPPs).  In his last turn Luke naturally tried a big play to even the score but an inaccurate pass from the Wight saw the game end there.  A great finish which could have gone either way, but final the score was 2 -1 to me with him inflicting 4 (including 1 death) against my one.  In winnings he got 50k and I got 30k.
Norse Lineman "Sigard the Paranoid" was sent to Valhalla in style at the after match party
Overall it was good start but I'll have 3 journey men next game against Wood Elves...but whatever happens from here, at least Oddin's Champions wont finish the season without a win.  And because nobody else has posted their results, I am on top of the League standings for a little while! (click for bigger versions)


  1. Woohoo! Go Right Stuff!! :) Heard the shout out to you on the 3DB podcast :)

  2. What program are you using for the league table and stats? It looks really good!