08 August 2010

What a weekend!

Phew - barely got time to catch my breath!
Here is a quick summary for those who might be vaguely interested.

Gaming - attended NWA open day with my mates Pete and Ken (sadly Owen had to sook off for some paltry domestic excuse like an anniversary...).  Had a good look about, bought about $150 worth of various bits (mostly terrain).  Good day out.

also on the gaming front, I got a package from Jim Dice with my new Infinity Rulebook and a couple of lovely minis.  Yes, yet another gaming system....I'm only human after all!

and last but definately not least, a whole family game of Life (Which I lost badly at, ironically!)

Beer- bottled my Primate Pilsner and Cascade Pale Ale. Got another Lager on - a low carb, full alcohol experiment!

Others: A slightly delayed "Christmas in July" dinner party, the Lad's last football game for the season, and tree planting at the local reserve with Scouts.

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