24 August 2010

TWIW Ep13 Released

After a well deserved Summer break, Ken is back with Episode 13:

This Week in Wargaming, I announce a new contest, courtesy of Victory Colors Studios, and review Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible by John Treadaway and John Lambshead.
But first, this week’s headlines, including:
GenCon attendance tops 30,000

War Rocket from Hydra Miniatures
Omnimech Parts
from Iron Wind Metals
Online Scenario Designer
for Arcane Legions
DakkaDakka announce Brick and Mortar Store Finder
Legends of Kalidasia: Rise of the Surakari

Hasslefree Miniatures release Yirnak and Kosok for Twilight
The Latest Strategy & Tactics and World at War Magazines
Target: Leningrad
by Victory Point Games


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