29 March 2010

Man Cave Motor Sports

Went to the Australian Grand Prix yesterday- awesome!!! Ears are still ringing actually! I thought the V8s were loud until the F1s cranked up the revs- they were louder than the RAAF F/A-18 Hornet which did a fly-past!
Got trackside seats right where the pit exit rejoined the main track, about 100yds from the start/finish line. Sweet. right about where this pic was taken, but I was at ground level. WoW - did those F1s fly past!
I got lots of pics of blurs and empty track. I claim it was the camera, not the beers I enjoyed :-)


  1. First I learn that my neighbor who is on military duty in the middle east got to see the GP of Bahrain, now I read this. I am supremely jealous. The nearest F1 race to me is in Montreal, a mere 720 miles away. Glad you had fun, I have about half the race left to watch on my DVR, as soon as I finish recording Ep. AT-10 of TWIW.

  2. Sorrymte, but it was awesome! Looking forward to AT-10 :-)