06 September 2009

JFK docking in Malta

Have you ever considered how big a USN nuclear powered aircraft carrier really is? This shot gives a good relationship of its size to something else like buildings, cars


  1. I have never served on a carrier, but I have served with them. They are indeed completely massive but their attendant ships is what allows them to do their jobs in safety. Great picture by the way....

  2. As a career Frigate and Destroyer man myself I whole-heartedly agree!

  3. I saw the USS Enterprise near Portsmouth once. I say 'near' Portsmouth because she was too big to come into port.

    A port which has been serving as a vital port for the Royal Navy (and its previous incarnations) for over eight hundred years!

    She's big.

    I've also seen one of the British carriers in that same spot in Malta (Grand Harbour, Valetta). I can't remember which she was - the Illustrius maybe - and she was looked tiny...even with no point of comparison!