06 September 2009

Fathers Day Battle of Clusium

Given my kids are with their Mum this Fathers Day, and I'm at home nursing my good lady through her recent tonsilectomy, I naturally took the opportunity for a bit of gaming....
Game of choice was Command and Colours:Ancients, a Richard Borg game published by GMT Games. I had only just finished sticking all the stickers onto the unit blocks last week, so this was the inaugural game using the 2nd Expansion, covering the Barbarians and Rome.
The two pics show the inital setup and the view at the end of the game which was a historic 6-3 victory to the Gauls. I used a solo system I developed (after reading many forums) playing Memoir 44, another Borg game covering WW2 utilising the same card based system.
Essentially I played one side, in this case the Romans, and dealt the cards out normally. Each turn however, I only played the next card in the Gaulish hand, without looking at all the others. this way I had no idea what my 'opponent' was going to do next. I then played that card in the best tactical way I could..too well it turned out!!

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  1. Well Huzzah the Gauls and yah-boo sux to you Eye-ties! Guess its time for the Consul to raise a few more legions for a punitive expedition...