28 July 2007

USMC Platoon Ready for Action!

After 2 months of preparatory training, my first USMC Rifle Patoon is ready for deployment to South Vietnam, Republic of.

Click pics for larger versions

I'm very pleased with they way these figs turned out, actually and they are probably the best 15mm troops Ive done (No, I havent done many!). The Figures are all Flashpoint Miniatures, and the sculpted resin bases are by Battlefield Accessories (in FOW sizes). See my earlier posts on the clour used for painting the fgures. The Pacific themed bases pack has the nciely molded palm leaves, vines and rocks. I thought they were excellent, though the basing of the miniatures took longer than I had anticipated because of the extra spaces around the figure bases which had to be filed in.

The bases were spray undercoated black, drybrushed with Tamiya Dark and Flat Earth and detailed - rocks with Ral Partha Slate and the Palm leaves with GW Jungle green and a touch of Sunburst Yellow. Foliage is All Woodlands Scenics - Dark and Light course turf with some grass tufts added in using PVA glue. Actually, the grass tufts need some work still, I'm not really happy with most of them.

Heres the LT and the boys from 1st Squad (comprised of a Squad HQ of 2 men and 3 four man fireteams). Closeups of the other individual squad bases will follow shortly.

Now its into the boonies to find Mr Charles...


  1. Shelldrake emailed me:
    "Looks great - nice work on the painting and the bases. 10 out of 10."

    And if you've ever seen the level of detail Shelldrake paints to, that is high praise indeed! Cheers mate :-)

  2. Thanks for all the kind emails on my Marine troops!

    I started a thread at TMP as well, because not too mnay pic of the USMC figs have hit the streets yet