26 March 2020

AHPC X finishes with a splash

The splash of falling shot that is!  I managed to get a last salvo of an entry before the deadline ticked over - something a bit different this time.

At the start of the challenge, Miles (Lair of the Uber Geek) suggested a collaborating for a combination entry with fellow challenger Peter D (The Single Handed Admiral).   Aligned to his penchant for naval themes, we went with the legendary 1905 battle of Tsushima Strait
Gorgeous little ships- spectacular detail in resin
The plan was for us to part of a part each in our US, UK and Australians lairs, and then send them to the Snowlord in Canada to celebrate the completion of his 10th year of the AHPC. Peter took the Japanese Fleet while Miles and I spilt the naval force of the Tsar (sometimes known as "The Fleet that had to Die"...).  Naturally, after 3 months of planning it came down to the wire due to real life - but importantly it got done!

We went with the War Times Journal range in 1/1800 scale - they are resin prints and wow the detail is incredible! Probably the best detail on any naval ship I have seen, even with all the funk pre-dreadnought deigns and overhangs.


You can see the other half of the Russian Fleet and the Imperial Japanese Fleet at the AHPC entry here:

A really fun project that I enjoyed being a part of, and that I know Curt greatly appreciates. Thanks to Miles for putting it all together and doing the heavy lifting!

Next up: AHPC Round up and stats