22 March 2019

AHPC IX Reflections - Part 1: Facts and Figures

Time's up - Brushes down!
Another Painting Challenge comes to an end and its time for me to tally up:

Challenge target: 1000

Total Points Achieved: 1305 - Target Achieved, a new PB (previous best was 1228 in AHPC VII). That placed me 21st out of 85 challengers (just 5 behind Dux!)

Submission rate - after the ramp up period and despite a few trips away, I averaged 100 points or so per week, which I'm pleased with.

Other Highlights 
- Participated in all the Bonus Rounds and got two Runner Up positions  (same as last year)
- Posted a submission on day one of the Challenge
- Made my first ever submission for Sarah's choice

- only posted a grand total of 2 points towards my Naval side duel. Still, that was two more than last year :-)

Scales: Combination of 28mm and 15mm, with more of the latter.

Genres: At just over 600 points, WW2 was the biggest slice of the pie being my 15mm DAK project, followed by Fantasy (representing my Romanised Orc project).   It was great to achieve my goals of finishing both these projects during Season IX.

So that completes my fifth AHPC and brings my 'aggregate career total points' to just over 4100 points.  Yes, some individuals crack that in a single challenge.  I was also pleased to able to assist the Snowlord in running the activity as his 'Duels Wallah'.
(No, we don't talk about AHPC VI around here much...)

Next Up - Part 2: Submission summaries

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  1. Great stats roundup Paul! You had a stellar Challenge this year.