19 February 2019

AHPC9: African Hunting Party

Having enjoyed an introductory game of Congo a few weeks past, I thought I would pay some attention to some long neglected figures in the lead pile to start my own White Explorer force.  This is my initial Hunting Party, comprising 2 Big Game Hunters, 3 Askari Guards, and 5 Bearers/Servants:

After a bunch of my submission have taken much longer to finish than anticipated, I challenged myself to do these rapidly and got them done over an aggregated 3 evenings. Unfortunately, they are a bit grainy up close - likely it was too hot when I applied the undercoat (its been a stinking hot summer here in Sydney). Still good enough for the Congo methinks!
Figures by the lesser known Askari mini: https://askari-minis.com/

Another 50 points towards my total Bwana!