26 March 2017

AHPC VII Reflections - Part 1: Facts and Figures

While not a mathemagician anywhere of the calibre as the redoubtable Mr Miles, I have found myself tainted by his interest in some of the stats around AHPC.

So here are some completely self indulgent figures and graphics that will mean little to anyone else, but I wanted to capture them for myself :-)

Total Points: 1,228
I finished in the top 25% of the list (overall 22th place of the 96 participants) and I feel very chuffed to be in such august company at the upper end of the ladder (but still far below the productivity of some very impressive painters)

Figures: all 28mm scale
  • Figures: 139 (wow- that many? Well, its a lot for me!)
  • Cavalry: 7
  • Vehicles: 8 (4 AFVs, 2 jeeps and 2 canoes!)
  • Guns: 1

Totals by Genre (including bonus rounds)
  • French Indian War: 457 Points (Terrain bonus round)
  • Fantasy: 300
  • WW2 British Paras: 172 (Movie/book/song bonus round)
  • Weird WW2: 130 (Armour and West bonus rounds)
  • Misc: 141 (East bonus round)
My average points per week - interesting to see the impact of not starting until after the Christmas/New Year's visitors had departed, and a long weekend away at CANCON.  After that I settled down to a rather consistent average of just under 100 points/week.
Which was made up of a more fluctuating series of submissions each week:

Comparison between challenges:

And to complete the graphical homage to Miles and his amazing spreadsheet...
Next Up - round up pics and the submissions assembled!


  1. I'm so proud, I think I'm going to cry.....

  2. What a sensational yer you've had Paul, it has been such a thrill watching your progress, roll on next year!

    1. Thank you Michael. It is definitely the best productivity I have had in a long time (driven by using it as a release from significant work pressures) and all that practice resulted in the best work I think I have personally produced. Just another reason to thanks Curt for a wonderful event!

  3. You are indeed this year's GIMP

  4. You are indeed this year's GIMP

    1. I think you maybe onto something Dave

    2. That ship has sailed: there will only ever be one AHPC GIMP, and a stoic chap he is indeed :-)

    3. see the interweb actually posted that twice.... its magic....

    4. Doesnt make it twice as true though!