28 September 2015

Ivans have Landed!

This week I received a delightful package in the mail, courtesy of Steve from the Sound Officer's Call blog (here).  Inside was a wonderfully painted Soviet Command base for my Battlegroup Kursk Soviet force.  I'm really delighted to get such a thoughtful gift.  In fact, I picked up a macro lens for my camera to ensure the pics do it justice :-)

So I'm very pleased to introduce you all to Comrade Commander Stepan Patrovitch, who is destined to command all my Soviet Forces in theatres everywhere! Hard to believe this is a 15mm figure isn't it.

And just in case I ever forget whose generosity brought him to me, this is the underside of the base.  Thanks a lot Steve, very much appreciated.  Another stirling example of the fantastic Blogosphere community we have.