23 December 2014

Cthulumas in New York

Over the weekend I took the clan on the train to New York for festivus fun and a show on Broadway.

Amongst all the obligatory family stuff, Reilly and I managed to squeeze in a trip to downtown Manhattan's only war-games store: The Compleat Strategist (http://www.thecompleatstrategist.com).

It was my first trip into a proper game store in over 6 months and it was so wonderfully geeky.  This great little shop has lots of little treasures stashed away - like all the supplements for Renegade Legion, one of my favourite SF games settings.

And amongst the treasure trove of goodies, we began the Cultist celebrations of Cthulhumas!

And here are Cthulumas carols to get you into the spirit if things:


  1. What a fabulous treasure trove and a Happy Cthulumas to you all.

  2. All the best Paul, hope you have a great Xmas!

  3. Merry christmas Paul!

    Funny enough I stayed in a hotel close to the place a while back, definately a great shop! Huge amounts of stuffed crammed into it.

  4. Looks like a cool shop. Merry Christmas!