04 October 2014

Back into the Hulk

GW fans will have been following this for some time, others on the periphery like me (whose only GW gaming is a few Specialist Games) only just became aware: Space Hulk was released mid last month. Yes, that limited edition one that came out in 2009, which was never to be repeated and which I tired to resist but failed...(see here).  Well it has indeed been repeated, and thus it has met mixed reactions.

For those who missed out last time and bought it from evilbay for lots more than the RRP, there has been much sadness.  No doubt there are those who had a bunch of nice shrink wrapped ones ready to demand ridiculous prices on ebay - they too are sad.  For those who otherwise missed out last time there is happiness.  For me, any renewed interest and the possibility of new material and I have a big smile.

So the new boxed game is the same as the last release with a few extras - 4 new scenarios, 2 boarding torpedo counters, a 6 square turbo lift section and new damaged room section voiding into space.  Thats it, its all the same otherwise.  Not enough to make one go pay for another set anyway. Though mine is on the other side of the world for the next 18 months or so...

What I did get instead was the WD#33 which is the issue which accompanies the Space Hulk release and has a bunch of details within.  It shows the new board sections, though they are clearly smaller so just cutting them out and sticking them to cardboard won't work.  It has a step by step playthourgh of the first Mission - Beachhead - which is one of the new ones, so you get that in this mag along with the rules for Boarding Torpedoes (which are essentially introduce a mildly randomised entry point).  There is also a WD exclusive new scenario - Disable the Shields.  I'm hoping that future issues similarly have new scenarios but I won't hold my breath. The usual game overview, painting guides etc are all in there too.  Not bad value for $4

There are also digital rule additions available as iBooks to add 3 other Chapters to the game.  I have yet to see these myself but understand that each one has 3 new scenarios.  And at these prices I am unlikely too see them either just quietly:  Downloadable content for physical games? Sure, I'm all for that. But surely a bundled hardcopy version isn't too much to ask for the veterans amongst us, particularly when most of it is recycled material from older editions. I'd love to hear from anyone who has these and what they think of them.

Space Hulk Mission Files: Ultramarines - Duty and Honour $15.99

Duty and Honour is an exciting expansion for the Space Hulk board game that allows players to field the peerless warriors of the Ultramarines 1st Company. It follows the boarding action and purge of the space hulk Hunter of the Void. In this expansion you will find rules for the weapons and wargear of the Ultramarines 1st Company, including cyclone missile launchers, as well as guidelines for making up your own custom Space Hulk missions.
Preview here: http://www.appannie.com/books/ibooks-store/book/918155554/
Bringer of Sorrow is an exciting expansion for the Space Hulk board game that allows players to field the legendary Deathwing. It recounts the perilous campaign to destroy the space hulk designated Bringer of Sorrow in a race against time before it reaches the hive world of Corinthe. In this expansion you will find rules for the unique weapons and wargear of the Deathwing, including plasma cannons and halberds of Caliban, as well as guidelines for making up your own custom Space Hulk missions.   
Preview here: http://www.appannie.com/books/ibooks-store/book/918154957/

Space Hulk Mission Files: Space Wolves - Return to Kalidus $15.99

Return to Kalidus is an action-packed expansion for the Space Hulk board game that allows players to field mighty Wolf Guard Terminators. It charts the mission to deactivate the Scion of Darkness’ potent void shields, and bring about its annihilation. In this expansion you will find rules for the unique weapons and wargear of the Wolf Guard, including frost axes and Wolf Guard Pack Leaders, as well as guidelines for making up your own custom Space Hulk missions.
Preview Here: http://www.appannie.com/books/ibooks-store/book/918155295/


  1. I have seen the ipad books certainly not worth the prices. The dark angel one is probably the best since it has rules for more stuff.

  2. its alright for people who missed the first re-release but like you say not really worth it if you got the previous copy.

    1. Oh yeah - if you didn't get it last time, its good times indeed!

  3. Still no clear way to add this new content if you own the last limited release version... dang it. Still and all, glad that the people I have turned onto Space Hulk since last release can probably get their own copy now. The game is beloved even by my boardgame-only friends.

    1. I agree, ough the WD issue has a picture of the new components you could use. It looks a little smaller in scale but can't be sure as my board sections are on the other side of the world!

      I understand that there are some rules changes too, particularly in regard to the mechanisms for Overwatch. there is some chatter about that at BGG. Not sure was else mechanisms wise has been tampered with. If I could find a set of rules on Evilbay from somebody splitting up a new box I would probably buy them.

      The iBook expansions add some new mechanics such as plasma guns, medics etc for the new chapters

  4. I talked myself out of this last time, mostle because I had 1st edition and all the expansions and couldn't afford the time to paint it to the level deserved. I was wavering last week, but managed to talk myself out of it again.

    Then I folded and bought it anyway... good times.

    I think it was Jake Thornton who said that GW should release an expansion box every few years- a new chapter and missions. Gold mine.

    1. You won't regret it mate, this latest edition (3-3.5) is great.
      I'll look forward to hearing what you think bout the rules updates

      Jake is spot on - I think they have missed a trick not released a new mission or two every year.
      Lets hope they pick up on it this time!

    2. I can only compare it to 1st edition. I think they've made unjamming and reacquiring overwatch a lot easier for the marines. I'd like to see the flamer suicide and the assault cannon full auto rules brought back. I like the broodlord. It does seem as if every tweak has been offset by a tweak in another direction to provide balance, ie Termies now have more restricted vision and their sustained fire isn't as good, but you can clear a jam and resumed firing on 1CP, compared to 3...