15 February 2014

Mega Bolt Action Game: British Preparations

As the 3 v 3 mega game (see here and here) has just kicked off, I can now revel the cunning Allied plan in detail.   In our operational planning phase before the game, our Commander sent out the following message:

Tally HO CHAPS! Tipplewink here. I have attached to this carry pigeon our battle plans for our next big push. Please note that this is top secret and the information contained within is not to be shared. I hate to have a repeat of our last battle Captain Dickie.

The plan is 3 fold.

1: we secure the house with minimum support. A small holding group will be detached to maintain control over the building.

2. our main armour thrust will move in and take the chapel. Expect high casualties in this engagement. I hear rumours of a Churchill been loaned to the attack so we will use that as our main thrust. I will follow up in the Bren carriers whilst our support lays down smoke to cover our advance. Any other amour that manages to make its way to our attack will also be used in the main thrust. Chessack will have his armour car and will scout out the enemy and keep them pinned down.

3. This is the sticky wicket chaps. We do not and I repeat do not move onto the manor house. Mother's Uncle owns this land and I will not be responsible for causing any damage or grieve to Great Uncle Frank. By faking a thrust here the Jerry will be fooled into thinking we are moving towards the manor house with our main force. All of our artillery support will be directed here to convince Jerry we are moving under covering fire towards the Manor House. Captain Baldrick from the artillery support has given his personal assurance that the bombardment will be accurate and deadly whilst leaving any structures undamaged.

It is imperative that Jerry takes the bait to help minimise damage on our main thrust. I will be leading from the front unless my damn toe plays up again.  I regret that the old football injury has been making a nuisance of its self lately.

Best of Luck chaps. We shall be sipping drinks before you know it.

The battleground - cunningly adapted from a Flames of War scenario by Comrade James
The Brit force would comprise 2 players with Paras (including me) and a regular infantry force.  For my 1000 points I took:

A regular Churchill Mk VI heavy tank with a 75mm gun upgrade
3 British Para Squads (each of 8 veterans with 1 Sten SMG and a Bren team)
Forward Observer
Sniper team
Vickers MMG team
Mdm Mortar
Light Howitzer

For a total of 11 order dice.  

Its my chaps' battle debut so in the best traditions of wargames it will no doubt it will be a bloody encounter with stacks of casualties!  More shortly...