19 December 2013

Off the Mark!

My first painting competition points are on the board with these 10 stout chaps of the Royal Navy's Armoured Landing Party.

These 28mm are figs by Ironclad Miniatures (see here) and are part of my home grown "Hearts of Oak" Company for In Her Majesty's Name.
See the official entry at Curt's blog here

So with 50 points on the board I shall briefly enjoy being:

- 4th overall somehow...egad!  That certainly wont last :-D

- first off the mark between Dux, James and I: what are you doing slackers!!!

- completing 10% of my challenge total

I'm off to prepare their support conveyances!


  1. they look pretty good pal! keep it up :)

  2. A promising start Paul very nice

  3. So you got yourself some like you said you would. Very nice group you have painted and I like the officer with the union jack on the armour. Wish I'd have thought of that,
    Keep up the good work and hope you do well in the competition.

  4. Points on the board well done.

  5. Nice one Centurion, like it like it!....fear not Dux, I have a cunning plan......

  6. I am also one of the slackers! I will be putting my first figures forward to Curt later today.

    What a very good start, I have not paid too much attention to Ironclad miniatures but will definitely start looking now. While I have no use for these particular figures I will check out and see what else they do. Thank you for pointing them out.

  7. Great start Paul! Nice work too!

  8. I loved these Paul and would be shamelessly counting them towards my Victorian tally of points. ;)

  9. Thanks everyone! Just finishing up their first contraption now

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  11. Bravo Sir! Have you played any games of IHMN yet? Co-incidentally Tom and the guys here are all putting together company's of their own. I've even taken the plunge with a Tong band and am awaiting some Tiger Miniatures USMC... none painted yet but these are a Christmas project.