29 March 2013

Playoffs Round 2: Chaos Dwarves!

Round Two saw Odinn's Champions face off once again against the Hammer of Hashut in a sudden death knockout- only one could go through to the semi-finals!
Mayhem in the opening turns. Comrade James lent us his awesome stadium to play our finals game on - thanks mate! 
The pelting rains didn't dissuade the hordes of fans that stacked the stadium and the Norse elected to kick.  But just three turns in a string of troubles had emerged for the Norse, with two players KOed, an Ulfwerner dead (apothecary gave the same result) and the score was 1 up to the Chaos Dwarves.  With two key players missing this game (a Blitzer and a 4ST Lineman) there was no Norse bench and it was getting ugly out there.  The Norse thrower got it down field and the Star Norse Blitzer casualised two Hobgoblins but they couldn't capitalise and the score remained 1 nil a half time.
There was never a dull moment in this game!
The Norse received to start the second half but the rain didn't let up.  They pulled a classic play, smashed a hole in the line and pushing through some players, to rush through a TD with a runner a few turns later after an accurate long pass. The rest of the second half hung in the balance with a scrum developing in the centre of the Norse half and casualties/KOs were mounting on both sides.  As the final seconds ticked by a Hobgoblin scooped up the ball and rushed for the line but desperate Norse defence pulled him down and the siren went with a 1 all draw - Overtime time! (OT is only played for finals games in our league).
Norse Runner Gizar Greyclaw runs a heroic play to save the TD and take the match into overtime
The Norse won the toss to receive in Overtime, but only had 6 players on the field to the Dwarves' 8 and nobody had any rerolls left.  Coach Right Stuff went for a classic elf style play but after spiralling a great pass the catcher  was pulled down, the Dwarves caged up to score in turn 6 of OT and take a well deserved win.
The Norse Overtime play started well with the runners breaking clear downfield, but it was not to be
With this loss Odinn's Champions bow out of the playoffs and the series, while the Hammer of Hushut will go on but down some key players with a skilled ball handling Hobgoblin missing the next game and a star Bull Centaur Armour broken.

The Champions will send Ulfwerner Rodger the Fluffy to Valhalla in a fiery ceremony tonight, but also celebrate skill upgrades for Blitzer Sven Forkbeard (ST boost) and Runner Gizar Breyclaw (Diving Catch)