03 August 2009

Biggles flies again!

Taking a leaf from David (of Raleigh factorium infamy), I scoured what he would describe as a car boot sale this weekend while on an outing with our house guests. No significant gaming materials were identified but I did find this treasure for $2!

The Lad has his own Biggles books - this one is mine! I had this exact version as a boy. When I started modelling I even built a German MG bunker based on this pic. Sadly this and many other books were lost in a house fire years ago. Now to find a replacement for my "Biggles of 266".

My enjoyment of WW1 flying games can be firmly traced back to these two books; and Biggles' adventures in his Camel with Algy and the Professor, and of course the Huns!


  1. Good show old boy!! I loved that book as a young lad so I am very envious! Boot sales ROCK!!!!

  2. Don't forget Biggles - Pioneer Air Fighter http://ozvortex.blogspot.com/2007/01/blame-it-on-biggles.html