19 July 2009

Leman Russ Project Part 1

Having finished Uni and enjoying my last few days on holidays, I have delved into a new project and one outside my usual sphere - a Warhammer 40k scale tank. An Imperial Guard Leman Russ Battle tank to be precise. I'm making this one up as a Command Tank and plan a basic Codex Grey style paint job (aka Early War Germans) at this stage. I haven't made a plastic kit for literally decades so this is quite fun, and I see that the skill of small parts to hide in the carpet has not dulled with age! This kit was kindly donated by Oberst Owen so to thank him I'll post pics as the project progresses (note I haven't specified a timeline!). Here we are at Day 1; not too exciting really. I've left the tracks of deliberately at this stage as I ponder to paint the hull first and then affix them.

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