06 April 2009

Gaming Inventories

...just dont.
Even though you started all enthusiastically and with good intentions, you dont want to do this because;

1. You will actually get a ballpark figure of what you've spent over the years.

2. You realise how many projects you have unfinished.

3. You realise how many projects youve actually completed.

4. You realise how many projects you have started but are unlikely to finish, even if you retire next year

5. You realise that it doesnt matter how long its been since you played (insert game here) or with [insert mini type here] you still arent going to part with it willingly.

5. You start to work out which games should go to whom in the event of your sudden demise, and perhaps which ones should accompany you to the grave...

You guys got any more?


  1. 6. You can't resist comparing yours to your mate's and then wonder how you will fill in the gap between your [insert army here]and his even though all up you have three times as much as he does

  2. 7. You may accidentally leave the document around the house and spouse finds out thus realising (1) for her/his self

  3. 8. Why waste the time doing the counts when you could be playing. :-)