01 February 2009

AT-43 Basing test

Having finished my AT-43 tiles last week, I wanted to see what basing effects I could do to try and blend my figures into it better. This Deathdealer TacArm had already come off his base, so was a natural selection for a trial run.

For this fig I heavily drybrushed the existing base with British Paints "Misty Sky" - the same base colour as the tiles. I then did a single wash with some thinned grey. Came out well from a colour blending perspective and would do well for generic units, but I think this needs a few more items to spruce it up a little. . Photobucket


  1. I think the base looks good and will be great on the tiles. It is also a simple paint scheme to follow so you will be able to do the full collection quickly.


  2. looks great. i especially like the added unit insignia.