06 June 2008

Scenario: The Mecklenburg Gamble

Source: "Drow" Magazine, No.1, 1993- Author Unknown)

Date Line
: Spring 2086
After blunting the Paneuropean drive on Riga in the summer of '85, Army Group Baltic used the winter to reorganise and re-equip. Stretching an already taut supply network to the limit, the Army Group was made ready for a counter offensive.

A.G. Baltic's task was made easier in that much of the Pan-E's eastern army was held down occupying the east coast of the old North American Federation. When the mud had dried, A.G. Baltic launched its attack.

Only the Central Reserve, moved forward to the Macklenburg city of Rostock, stood in the way of a decisive Combine breakthrough. In order to maintain momentum, Marshal Sargov chose to deploy his special forces. An amphibious and airborne assault would be launched to capture the port of Lubeck, thus trapping the central reserve east of the Elbe, where they would be annihilated at leisure by the second line infantry.

Orders of Battle

Combine Forces:
201st Assault Squadron [Col. Rik Danilov]- 12 GEV
366th Jump Troop [Cpt. Alex Kutsevov]- 8 Inf
2nd Tank Battalion [Maj. Dev Gorki]- 10 Armour
Entry: 201st: any water hex, east side of map on Turn 1.
366th: Drop Zone (DZ) on any clear hex, any turn (units to be deployed within 3 hexes of DZ & may not move on initial turn)
2nd: Any undestroyed lake side hex after Lubeck is taken (max of 4 units per turn & may not move on turn of landing)

Paneuropean Forces:
XXXIII Landwehr Division [Maj. Franz Tenkof]- 24 Inf + 5 Armour
West Country Volunteers [Col. James Fennes]- 10 Armour (+1 Inf per Lt or Hvy tank)
Entry: XXXIII: Any City, deployed at start.
Volunteers: Enter on hexes 0422 and/or 1822, turn 5

Victory Conditions - Combine:
Unit Destruction, 6 points per Bridge destroyed and 2 points per City Road hex destroyed.

Victory Conditions - Paneuropean:
Unit destruction, 6 points per city hex west of hexrow 06 occupied or adjacent to a friendly unit and 30 points for majority control of Lubeck (Hexes 1915-2315).

Game Length: 20 turns

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