30 May 2008

Paint-fest: Day 8 progress

The usual weekend domestic caveats (gardening, taking kids to football & scouts, family time etc) account for the reduced productivity:
  • NVA HMG and crew painted and detailed.
  • Started sorting out my USMC weapons platoon...only to find that I either don't have enough figs in the pack, or that the TO&E in the FP rulebook isnt correct...
  • Washed the Duster and PBR

And because I'm really pleased with the way these have come out, here is some pre-emptive eye-candy (just for you evil voice in my ear). Click for larger pics - Peter Pig Vietnam range US Snipers, pictured on a jungle terrain section by Miniature World Maker.


  1. Evil Voice (Lucky)Saturday, 31 May, 2008

    Comrade, what is that over the....

  2. So many Commies, so few bullets!


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