15 February 2014

Mega Bolt Action Game: German Preparations

By Leutnant James:
The German defenders were still reeling from the bombardments of Operation Goodwood and the shock of being invaded when we began to formulate our battle plan for the defence of Sannerville. Our intrepid leader Hauptman Litchfield set out his broad intent several days prior to the day of battle, involving decisive assaults by his flame thrower equipped Fallschirmjaeger, and combining the might of our Tiger tank and Panzer IV-H on the right flank. We were sure the British would bring lots of artillery, and so made sure we deployed with a minimum amount so that the worse would be over prior to our reserves arriving.
My list consisted of 4 squads of infantry (2 Regs, 2 Vets), sniper, light mortar, an off table artillery FO, a Pz IV-H tank and a medic with two assistants (toting assault rifles..totally historical)

I deployed 1 squad of regs, the medic, sniper, light mortar and the FOO on the table at the start, with the FOO taking up residency in the top of the ruined cathedral bell tower. My plan was to bring in arty as soon as I could to disrupt the initial allied thrust, hopefully causing them to bottleneck right from the start and waste precious time re-organising. Meanwhile my veterans and the Panzer would sweep in from the right flank to disrupt their assault on the cathedral and maybe get a flank shot in on any tanks. Given that Paul was more than likely going to bring his newly painted Churchill, a flank shot was my best chance....
Meanwhile the Fallschirmjaeger would deploy to the left flank, with Hauptman Litchfield's lads securing the Manor, and Leutnant Sunley holding the centre , his Tiger assigned to dominating the road into town.
To the rousing tunes of 'Panzerlied' (courtesy of my iPad), the German defenders raced to their defensive positions, the distant rumble of British tanks providing the impetus.....and then the whistle of British shells began.....


  1. This game is looking sooo good!!

  2. Veeeerrry Nice. Looks like just the right amount of cover to make some movement possible without being slaughtered. Lovely looking game.