29 June 2007


Flashpoint Miniatures have released this nice closeup pic of 2 figs from the Australian SAS range.

Great for those who want to play "Odd Angry Shot" type scenarios!

13 June 2007

Dr Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators & other Marvellous Contraptions!

An incredible website, selling all manner of revolutionary equipment including the latest in steam powered rayguns, including the MANMELTER 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol and the GOLIATHON 83 Infinity Beam Projector, shown here by Dr Grordbort's lovely neice Leila.

Even if you arent in the market for the latest in death ray breaththroughs, you must check this site out!
Also includes a "Bestiary of the Cosmos" section with the latest zoological discoveries, including the Vesuian Double Backed Shrovel and the Mountain Meat Beetle.
Thanks for the great link Maks!

01 June 2007

Figure Review - Main Force VC Rifle Platoon

Lacking a supplier in Victoria, I ordered my pack of figures from Dragonfire Games in Brisbane for AUD$35 and Dragonfire Games doesn't charge for postage, which was great.

The product code fore the Main Force VC Rifle Platoon is FPV014 for those wanting to order a pack or three. The picture below is from the Flashpoint Minatures web site. As bases are not included with the miniatures, i also purchased a pack of FoW bases from Dragonfire Games.

In total there were 39 figures in the pack:
2 x Officer standing with rifle slung
4 x VC with RPG
4 x VC with RPD Machine Gun
4 x NCO with arm raised
25 x Rifleman in various poses

This works out at around .90 cents (well .897 cents) a figure.

Looking at the photos on the Flashpoint web site and forum, i am not sure if i am meant to have two officer figures

There is a little bit of flash to clean up which isn't a problem, as this is easy to clean up.
I am very happy with the figures, especially after getting over the shock of how small they were... i am used to 20mm and 28mm figures.

The paint i was going to use to paint them has dried up, so i will have to buy some more paint before getting stuck into them, which i am keen to do.
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