29 June 2007


Flashpoint Miniatures have released this nice closeup pic of 2 figs from the Australian SAS range.

Great for those who want to play "Odd Angry Shot" type scenarios!

24 June 2007

Flashpoint Vietnam: Reloaded

The FPV website continues to be redeveloped and is shaping up nicely with lots of new stuff.
For instance, you can now find exactly what is in each of the US Army blister packs here: http://flashpointminiatures.com/fpr_vn_main.html
The rest of the forces will be posted shortly

Anton and the guys have also released some information on the next phase of development of FPV: Flashpoint Reloaded. This is what they have to say:

Flashpoint Reloaded Vietnam…Our first publication release entitled ‘Flashpoint Vietnam’ was a dedicated rule set supporting the current Flashpoint Vietnam miniature ranges. Designed with the player purely in mind Flashpoint Vietnam provided the player with researched mechanics to help play out the most intense and consuming aspects of the Vietnam War. Written by Anton Ducrot, Flashpoint Vietnam was the culmination of almost three years of research, design, compilation and play testing. Numerous contributors aided in its design including accounts and feedback from actual Vietnam War veterans.
Flashpoint Reloaded Vietnam is the second stage of Flashpoint Vietnams evolution. Redesigned and rewritten by Anton Ducrot and Ken Cole for a faster style of game play and a much more enjoyable experience the “Reloaded” system lends itself now not only to the events of the Vietnam War but is highly adaptable to any modern day conflict. Designed with our expanding range of figures and periods in mind Flashpoint Reloaded Vietnam is currently in the final stages of development and is set for public release in late 2007. FRV is the natural next step in our aim to bring a new experience to the modern day war gamer.

13 June 2007

Dr Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators & other Marvellous Contraptions!

An incredible website, selling all manner of revolutionary equipment including the latest in steam powered rayguns, including the MANMELTER 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol and the GOLIATHON 83 Infinity Beam Projector, shown here by Dr Grordbort's lovely neice Leila.

Even if you arent in the market for the latest in death ray breaththroughs, you must check this site out!
Also includes a "Bestiary of the Cosmos" section with the latest zoological discoveries, including the Vesuian Double Backed Shrovel and the Mountain Meat Beetle.
Thanks for the great link Maks!